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National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
8/12/2016 — 9/30/2016

August 12 - September 30, 2016

Solitary confinement has a variety of names: "the box," segregation (“seg”), “the hole." On any given day, an estimated 80,000 to 100,000 incarcerated people, disproportionately adults and youth of color, are held in conditions of solitary confinement. ​That number does not include individuals in local jails, juvenile facilities or in military and immigration detention.

The Solitary Confinement Cell Experience, consisting of a replica cell with audio from a maximum security prison in Maine and panels highlighting personal stories, has been on display at the Ecumenical Advocacy Days in Washington DC, the Islamic Circle of North America’s Annual Convention in Baltimore, the United Church of Christ Synod in Cleveland, the Pennsylvania Council of Churches’ Statewide Conference on Mass Incarceration and the National Catholic Youth Conference in Indianapolis. The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center is the first museum to host the exhibit.

“As a museum of conscience, we have a responsibility to share social justice issues with the public,” says Richard Cooper, director of museum experiences at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. “Prolonged solitary confinement is a human rights issue, one that requires further examination and reform by the criminal justice system. As the first museum to host the Solitary Confinement Cell Experience, this exhibit can be the catalyst for a much needed conversation in our region.”

The Solitary Confinement Cell Experience highlights six personal stories of individuals held in solitary confinement cells, including:

Evie Litwok (spent seven weeks in solitary confinement)
Five Omar Mualimm-ak (spent five years in solitary confinement)
Judith Vasquez (spent three years in solitary confinement)
Kirk Gudenerson (spent 12 hours in solitary confinement at age 17)
Kalief Browder (spent two years in solitary confinement beginning at age 16)

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